We carry out performances of a shorter character for those occasions where less is more.
Could be a five minute performance for a galla show, or a ten minute act for a wedding party.
Maybe you are a theatre organiser, a talent scout or a head hunter, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


A bounce juggling act by Mathias at a length of 5 minutes.
From three up to eight balls


Mathias’ and Benjamin’s five minute club passing act. Filled with humor and heavy technique with passing up to ten clubs together.


Martin’s Chinese Pole act at a length of five minutes. Strength, stamina, coordination, acrobatics and risk come together to create this breathtaking performance.


A conceptual bounce juggling act by Mathias at a length of ten minutes. The plot is simple, sit on the chair and juggle. Can the whole juggling act be performed while sitting on the chair? If there’s a drop, the chair will pay. This act is different every time it is performed. That makes this act extra exciting, original and very “live”.